“People do have to have a knowledge of why pain’s there, and how anxiety and your head can make it worse, to be able to overcome it, and move forward really”


Pain is influenced by more than just what's going on in your back     

Have you noticed that your urge to empty your bladder can be stronger when you are nervous? Have you ever thought you heard your phone ring when expecting a call? Pain can also vary based on what else is going on in your life.

Normally when something hurts you can look at the body part to see what is causing the pain. You cannot do this with your back. This can make you worry.

When you are angry, worried, or stressed, the brain sees the back problem as being worse, so it makes more pain. This does not mean that your back is more injured.

You do not have direct control over your brain’s choice to make more or less pain. You can influence how you view and react to these changes in pain.

Backs have a bad reputation. People often expect back pain to be serious and long term. However, most people make a good recovery. 

Sometimes it takes a while for pain to settle. This does not mean that you are not healing. It just says that your nervous system is still protecting your back.